Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Bill Maher is the most UNLUCKY person on Earth?

In this video; he is talking about religion. (an offensive video)

Why Bill Maher is the most UNLUCKY person on Earth?

1-) He is very unlearned about religions, relation between religions and the history of religions. He just memorized some verses which has easy keywords to generate humuor of it. If you don't live like how do you believe, you'll start to believe how you live. Bill Maher is the best example for that.

2-) Christianity is not the same christianity now. History knows that, the last version is the changed version. The religion that he makes fun with, is belongs to his grandfathers.

3-) He is not funny. He tries but he is not funny. Making fun with verses and creation is not funny. But if you hold a joke in your fingers and shake it 5 times, probably you'll able to make american people laugh.

4-) He has fans. This makes him unlucky more than anyone on Earth. Think about that you are a wrong person there is no one to tell you that you are wrong around you. People loves you, they pay to hear from you etc but no one say that you are wrong. I see him and his fans at the same roop.

5-) He says we should easily say; "i don't know". What an easy thing isn't it? How we couldn't think about that before? Huh. We have only one life, and think that, we are accepting to know anything about it. Just like closing eyes (not being blind). We'll die and we don't know what will happen to us? I don't think that it's that easy to overcome with this feeling.

6-) He talks about wasting life. This is the funniest thing i've heard from him in last days. He should watch his videos more and more i think.

7-) He likes to make fun with virgins of heaven. Probably he is living in his Dreamland. Holly Books are sent to humanity. Do you know humanity? Let me tell you about humans; they rape, they kill, they lie, they break hearts, they steal, most of them idiots, most of them cruels, most of them can do everything for money,most of them can do everything for women. Holly Books sent to people by their Creator. And only their Creator can know their needs and interests. Who do you think who you are? How can you criticize a holly book? Don't you think that you are being offensive to billions? Why don't you respect? Why don't you respect billions. Do you want us to respect you and you make fun with our reasons of living? I think you should find a better way for yourself. I know there is no one around you to say these things but believe me, you are still young and you have enough time to research "all religions" (not handmade ones) . Holly books are for all humanity ok? All humans love virgins ok? I think you love that too Mr High Man. I know that you dislike lowly thinks. Yeah i see that on the picture. You are very high my friend.

8-) Atheism is a Human Ideology. Religions are God's Ideology. We humans have made too many wrongs. Religions are over the time, but other human ideologies are interlocutory.

Why Atheism will be Bill Maher's sad end?

1-) Same end for everyone is insane.
We look at a painting of a painter but we look at the nature of nothing? Just think deeply. You come to the World, you live a life, and you die. This is for everyone,absolutely everyone. Some of us become cruel creatures, some of us live like angels. And in atheism, we plan a same “end” for all of us.

2-) Coincidence is insane.
We see an absoulte math in nature and we talk about coincidence. Milimetric changes between the sun and the earth can burn whole earth and we call this magnificent ratio as coincidence. What a coincindence, thank you coincidence, i’m alive because of you, peh.

3-) Will Power.
Think about people turn a tea tray (360 degrees) and glasses don’t fall. They give a decision for the “speed”. There is a decision for the speed of the turn. If they turn it a bit slower, glasses would fall, if they turn a bit faster, probably glasses would fly. But there is a decision behind thi successful turn. It’s will power. Think about the Earth’s turning speed. If it was a bit faster, probably we wouldn’t live. There is an exact, absolute,magnicificient,right decision behind the speed. Nothing is coincindence.

4-) To see the people you love again.
Think about your Daddy, what would you do if he die? Come on my friend, you just have one life and one dad for that. He is your dad, come on,what does it mean to you? What would you do if you can’t see him again? How would you overcome with this feeling? I repeat, i’m not asking how do you delay? Because i know how do you delay it. If you are atheist, this thought is quite enough to make your life dark.

5-) Forget about Trends, Give a French Collection U.K for them
You won’t gain anything from being an atheist. You’ll just lose. You’ll just deppressed. I know it’s trendy, if you believe, trendy deppressed generation will laugh at your face, i know, but who cares? This is your life and you are spending it with waste. Forget about trends, trends won’t save you, Steve Jobs won’t able to save you, or your favourite music group. No one cares about you, can’t you see? Most of the things you are busy with are nothing. They won’t make you immortal or they won’t make your life stronger. You are just wasting your time.

You closed your curtains and say that Everywhere is dark, No my friend, The Sun is still shining, only your room is dark…

(Grammer Polices, please go away, just read the articles, i don’t want you to teach me English,when will you give up to be busy with little things?)

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Sister said...

Dawkins book, The God Delusion. You and I KNOW there is a "HIGHER POWER", no delusion there. Possibly Bill Maher was trying to make one "good" point when interviewing the writer of the book - Dawkins? Dawkins said, "we are all tired of each other trying to stuff our imaginary friends down each other's throats". Maybe this is the answer. We CANNOT and WILL NEVER be able to change anyone's mind, ONLY our own. Therefore, we must BELIEVE what we must believe in order to "continue" life. You will see your "Dad" again after this life. You know that. Could you consider PEACE ON EARTH as even a remote possibility?

Love Kpop said...

I was a girl, but clumsy things. I do not know how to cook, sew, above, ca. I have too insipid and tedious, but that's my personality. It's hard to change

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