Monday, March 31, 2008

AZ Island - The Floating Ship Island by Alstom Marine and Jean-Philippe Zoppini

The company Alstom Marine and architect Jean-Philippe Zoppini are working together on an ambitious futuristic project: AZ Island. This titanic project for a high-tech, artificial island capable of movement. If AZ Island eventually sees the light of day, it will measure 400 meters long by 300 meters wide and be able to welcome up to 10,000 passengers. The ovoid island’s shape and size - 29 floors high and a surface area equivalent to 4 football fields - will necessarily limit its speed (4 times slower than a cruise ship). Obviously, the island will be too large to berth. A boat or helicopter will therefore be needed to access its cabin; for this reason, a landing pad and marina have been planned. The AZ Island will be big enough and durable enough to withstand 60 foot waves and hurricanes.
News Source and the Rest: Concept Pop
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