Monday, March 31, 2008

Download Freeware Zeliard Game

An ancient demon, called Jashiin, emerges from a two-thousand year-old sleep to unleash his wrath upon the Kingdom of Zeliard. Justifying his actions as a revenge upon the ancient kings of Zeliard, Jashiin does so by causing a sand rain to continue for 117 days, turning the kingdom into desert; as well, he turns King Felishika's only daughter, princess Felicia, into stone.
The protagonist and player-controlled character, Duke Garland, is sent by the spirits to aide Zeliard and save Felicia.
Duke Garland must recover the Nine Tears of Esmesanti, stolen by Jashiin from Felicia upon turning her to stone, for only they can reverse the enchantment. Subsequently, Duke Garland must also slay Jashiin. In order to do either, the player must pass through eight increasingly complex labyrinths, swarming with Jashiin's underlings. At the end of each Labyrinth, a boss dwells, holding one of the nine Tears; the final Tear is held by Jashiin himself.
Finally, Garland may find haven in various cities and outposts not yet conquered by Jashiin, in order to rest and purchase weaponry and equipment.

Arrows = Move
Up arrow = Enter buildings, doors, caves
Space = Talk (in town) / Attack (in caves) / Use item (in inventory)
Enter = Open/close inventory
Alt = Use Magic
F1 = Toggle music
F7 = Load game (you can save your game in the town (magic))
F9 = Change speed (5 = normal)
Esc = Pause
Ctrl-Q = Exit game

Download from Caiman
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